Ocean Group

For more than a decade Ocean Group's western design, engineering and management team has turned its vision of producing European standard custom-made yachting equipment and stainless steel hardware in Asia into a reality. Ocean Group is built on our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Founder and managing director Martyn Castelein's vision is to offer the full experience of having a western design and management team guide you through every stage of the custom build process, while benefitting from the labour cost savings of being based in Asia. Martyn has over 15 years experience as a welding and construction manager for many of the world's largest and most respected yacht builders — including NISI Yachts, Palmer Johnson, Pride Yachts, Zeelander Yachts, Heesen Yachts, Sensation Yachts, McMullen & Wing, Oceanco, Jade Yachts and Horizon Yachts and knows that custom design and manufacturing is an integrative process between shipyard, owner and supplier.

Ocean Group offers to the customers stainless equipment, electro hydraulic equipment, marine grade glass and marine grade LED lights. Ocean Group is a leader and innovator in hydraulic yachting equipment, from structural hull doors and cranes to our revolutionary Transporter lift. Ocean Group's world renowned custom-made mirror polished stainless steel deck hardware and railings have to be seen to be believed. Our success has been due in no small part to the care and attention we put into fulfilling all of our customers' needs. This means everything from ensuring all quality and safety standards are met or exceeded, to maintaining excellent relationships with all major classification bodies. Through our experience in producing high quality stainless steel and aluminium sliding doors with large volumes of glass, we began to realise the need for experts that could manage and advise on complex glass projects. Through this need, we widened our scope and now offer fully certified heated, tempered, clear, tinted, flat and curved glass for marine use. The final piece of the jigsaw is our LEDing light department, which has blown the competition away with its creative designs, immaculate light distribution and stunning stainless steel finish. We combine our expertise in design and stainless equipment, to custom design our lights to meet your needs.
Your custom IS our standard.

New modern factory

In order to keep up with the increased demand, Ocean Group developed a new modern factory. This new factory is bigger and more functional. It allows us to raise the bar higher and to accept even the most demanding projects from the biggest shipyards around the globe.