Ocean Glass

Meeting shipyards' glass requirements for custom built yachts and superyachts means understanding each particular projects' desired effect while taking into account weight restrictions. When selecting a yacht glass supplier, it is vital that you choose someone with the knowledge and experience to guide you through every step of the process from assisting in calculating your vessel's required glass thickness to classification and installation. At Ocean Glass, through our years of experience in supplying marine glass to some of the largest and most prestigious shipyards in the world, we have built up a team of experienced professionals with the expertise and ability to advise on the most appropriate glass thickness, tinting and lamination for your vessel.

We use the latest tempering and lamination technology to ensure you have the strongest and safest yacht glass available. Our commitment to fulfilling all your yacht glass needs means we provide a complete spectrum of curved, flat, tempered, clear, tinted and heated glass to all major classification societies. Based in Taiwan to benefit from the cost advantages and long established glass building tradition, Ocean Glass offers the highest quality finished products at extremely competitive prices. Our glass production and quality control procedures ensure that each and every piece of glass we produce passes the highest standards of scrutinization. Defects are simply not accepted. Contact Ocean Glass for advice on your next glass project or to receive a quote and compare for yourself.

New modern factory

In order to keep up with the increased demand, Ocean Group developed a new modern factory. This new factory is bigger and more functional. It allows us to raise the bar higher and to accept even the most demanding projects from the biggest shipyards around the globe.