Custom Yachting Equipment

For more than a decade Ocean Group's western design, engineering and management team has turned its vision of producing European standard custom made yachting equipment in Asia into a reality.

As a leader and innovator in hydraulic yachting equipment, from structural hull doors and cranes, our practical yet stunningly beautiful TRANSPORTER lift, to immaculate deck hardware, shipyards have understood that it makes commercial sense to do business the Ocean Group's way.

Whether you require a smooth operating sliding doors, watertight hull doors, or engineering and manufacture of a complete stainless package, Ocean Group's European sales and design team will assist you at every stage of the process. Our experienced western management team along with our highly trained and skilled workforce will ensure your custom package is correctly managed throughout production. We can build to any major classification standards. Our factory management team approaches each project with an understanding of how those products will be used in the real world, rather than simply copying a design and building a product for export. This is a critical point when it comes to building products for the luxury yachting industry.

Tender Doors by Ocean Group

Shell Platforms and Balconies

Hydraulic Boarding Ladders

Hydraulic Transom Lifts

Hydraulic Cranes by Ocean Group

Watertight Doors by Ocean Group

Weathertight Doors

CNC Doors and Hatches

Passerelles by Ocean Group

Mooring Platform Doors

Rescue Doors by Ocean Group

Railings by Ocean Group

Deck Hatches by Ocean Group

Bollards by Ocean Group

Fairleads by Ocean Group

Cleats by Ocean Group

Yacht Signage by Ocean Group

Boarding Ladders by Ocean Group

a new modern factory

In order to keep up with the increased demand, Ocean Group started building a new modern factory in the spring of 2015. New factory will be bigger and more functional. It will allow us to raise the bar higher and to accept even the most demanding projects from the biggest shipyards around the globe.